Story by Aljaž Hafner


I think that every wedding photographer dreams about having a destination wedding. Or dozens of them if possible. And I am sure that there are not many photographers who didn’t have a Venice wedding photographer or locations like Tuscany, Iceland, New Zealand, and so on… writen on one of their bucket lists. It is this thrill about going to a foreign country, meeting new places and people and capture the story – or better love story that happens there. And that drives us all in this more and more saturated “industry”. At least all those that think at least a bit like me.

And with thrill there also comes insecurity if we could meet our clients expectations. If we could write the story in a unique, different way and not the same way that some other photographer from some third country did it a week, a month, a year or two ago. Are we good enough to put a “destination wedding photographer” in front of our names.

But then again we should ask ourselves what unique and different really means. Does that state that we write the story as we planned it before we even got to the start of it. Does it mean that we should have an image of the story in our head before it even comes to it. Or does it mean that we just follow the flow as it rolls and try to “squeeze” as much as possible out of it. Because if it means the latter than every wedding is unique and different in it’s way. There were no two alike in my whole career as a wedding photographer and there were many of them.

Just like this story every story has to start somewhere. And this one did not start the usual way. My good friend Marja Bizjak Ažman from Ustvarjalnica spominov called me if I was in for destination wedding in Venice, Italy. If I was willing to be a Venice wedding photographer for a day. Of course I jumped right on it before I even knew anything about it. I knew Marja was on it, there were all this great vendors included and all I had to do was to come there and do my best in a situation given. And having Marja as my second shooter made things even more fun!

Second shooter: Marja Bizjak Ažman from Ustvarjalnica spominov
Wedding ceremony: Palazzo Cavalli
Flowers: Metka from Sanjski šopek
Cake and desserts: Petra from Pcakes
Wedding reception: Gostilna Kobjeglava