Story by Aluna Weddings


Štanjel  photographers dreams: beautiful old castle with yard, narrow old streets and amazing view of Karst and its villages. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get married in this almost fairytale village? And being a wedding photographer, you are always smiling from ear to ear when you come to Štanjel!

Jure started his day in a fairly new and truly beautiful Hotel St. Daniel while Mojca did her own make up and got dressed up in Grad Štanjel. AK weddings  put up a dream squad of vendors: all the flower decoration was made by Cvetje,  La Mina made all the wedding stationery and Fragments Collection is responsible for amazing wedding video – make sure you check it out at the bottom of this gallery!


Ceremony on The Ferrari Garden was stunning. They had told their vows (can’t understand why this is not so common in Slovenia) and you could really feel the love between them. There were tears, loud laugh, hugs and kisses. There was LOVE.

After the ceremony and champagne, we captured their moments as newly married couple in this picturesque village Štanjel. Although we prefer shooting wedding portraits late in the evening because we really love the light then, we did the first part of the shooting in the afternoon (and we’re not sorry!). M&J were so natural in front of the camera, actually we get the feeling they didn’t even see us (but this is quite impossible, because there were four of us :D).

Sun was down and we were head to Kobjeglava restaurant, where they danced first dance. Right after, party started and it was bombastic.

This wedding was beyond everything. I mean, really everything. And we were more than glad to be part of it. Mojca and Jure, big thank you goes to you. You two are the best.


Wedding photographer: Aluna Weddings

Wedding videographer: Fragments collection

Brides dress: Dynasty London

Brides shoes: Dune

Grooms dress: Boglioli

Grooms hair and beard: Ljubljanski brivec

Wedding flowers: Cvetje

Wedding planner: AK weddings

Wedding stationery: La Mina

Wedding rings: Atelje DR Jewelry