Slovenian seaside wedding or Sean and Katja rocking the streets of Koper and the road to Bric.

When we first got an email from Katja describing her ultimate love story, we were super thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet the happy couple through Skype and talk about their wedding. The subject of the email said: “A wedding that’s really going to be lovely,  a cute couple, and some crazy guests from all over  the world.” And boy were they right. It was everything they said and even more.

We exchanged quite a few emails across three continents. Katja was working in Afghanistan, Sean was in the United States and we were here at home in Ljubljana. But in the end, we managed to arrange everything and meet for coffee in Slovenia just a few months before the wedding.

When their wedding day came along, they were getting ready in their house that was undergoing renovations. After the wedding ceremony, we first went for a walk around Koper and ended up driving for a full hour to Brič. We saw horses in the middle of the road and before we could even bring up anything, we already saw Katja and Sean climbing the fence and surrounded with horses in a meadow. We won’t even mention the crazy party going in Brič and a best man speech that  left everyone in tears. A wedding we will all remember for a long, long time.