Story by Album Weddings


First time I heard about Madeira was years ago when my friend came back so excited and telling me how beautiful island this really is. Contact came trough email and we were on the plane. Yeah we, I took my wifee for a little vacation (but that is another story). 🙂 First impressions were great and than it was just getting better and better. You can see the pulse of the city Funchal and some amazing cliff views just before sun came down on the south of the island. Next day was a wedding day! Ceremony was held at the lovely church Nossa Senhora do Monte with the views on the city. So much flowers around the church. Just wow. We got lucky after the church because botanical garden (Monte Palace Tropical Garden) was already closed but they let us in for half an hour where we did the portrait session. The garden is magical and I dare you to see it when you visit Madeira. Reception was held back at the hotel.

Madeira wedding photographer