Story by LR Weddings


I love nature. I love everything about nature. I always loved to wander around, explore new places. It always clears my mind, keeps me calm, helps me find some inspiration. If you don’t believe me, check my personal Instagram account. It contains only landscape photos which I took with my phone while wandering around 🙂

If I could choose where I would spend couple of days off, I’d rather pick fresh mountain air over crowded seaside, full od tourists.

I was always amazed by this little town called Bovec in Slovenia, which is located in Triglav national park. In winter time you can ski on Kanin, in summer time you can cool off in river Soča, cycle, raft or hike – wherever you want, there’s like a hundred options. One of them is Mangart.

I had this wish to shot an engagement session (or even a wedding 🙂 ) of one of my couples on Mangart from the first time I’ve been there. Amazing landscape and even more amazing views.

Tina and Sergej were planning their wedding day in September at the seaside and wished for an extra prewedding session somwhere in the nature, just to relax and get to know each other a little bit more. Since they are both rockers and tattoo artists, I thought Mangart would be more that perfect for us to wander around and take some photos. By the way, they work in their own tattoo salon in the centre of  Ljubljana, it’s called Red cat tattoo studio. Check their work and if you are thinking of getting yourself inked, I think Tina and Sergej are the right choice.