Aljaž Hafner 

I prefer my coffee not too hot and not too cold. When done right, it gets my creative juices flowing. Just like great movies, TV series, and visual arts. I can find my inspiration almost everywhere, but there is no better inspiration than in people close to me. I love insightful conversations, honest opinions, and meeting interesting people (again, perks of my job). I use my camera as a medium to tell stories.

When taking photos, I don’t strive just to make technically impeccable pieces of art. My style is also not just documentary-journalistic. I want to find those genuine emotions that come out in exceptional moments. It’s the heart that really speaks volumes in art, even more so in wedding photography. As an unapologetic optimist I always try to look on a bright side of life. I truly, madly, deeply like light; preferable natural and in the late PM hours. Timing is everything. Because at the end of the day, time is more valuable than anything and I love to share great deal of it with my beloved Eva, son Gal and daughter Maša.

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