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Wedding photographers are a very special part of the wedding story. Even though as strangers, we are following you as a shadow through the entire flow of wedding events and emotional rollercoaster. As yesterday's strangers we enter in the bedrooms, where your beautiful wedding dress is hidden. We can read your lips, when you vow eternal love and we can walk in the footsteps of your rhythm. We make sure photographs are never forgotten and every single detail, regardless of the size, is in a safe place.

This is how we, united photographers, perceive our work, so we find it great to express it in the Wedding tribes group. We have been putting our best for a long time and proving to always be as close and at the same as unnoticeable as possible in this uncommon skill. We do not command and direct at all, especially not to the full voice. We observe carefully and memorize everything that is later transformed into a precious memory.